PowerPlant was closed down August 2015 since Anton moved to Stockholm continuing his career as a freelance songwriter/producer.

PowerPlant Studios was created to take music-recording to the next level. With a high focus on creative thinking, our hard-working staff will not only press record, but come with suggestions on how to improve your productions. We want you as an artist to reflect and find your own sound.

The room was carefully chosen because of it’s great acoustical properties for drum-recording. A great-sounding room is often overlooked when it comes to drum recording. The acoustics of the main room can be modified to suit virtually any recording situation necessary. The studio features a broad variety of microphones, high quality instruments, studio equipment and is currently running Logic Pro.

Anton Göransson – the main producer of the studio is also available for freelance and on-location audio-productions.

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New gear

We just got some new fun gear in the studio. This makes it possible for us to offer re-amping for your recorded guitars. // Anton

The Jax

Tomorrow I will hit the studio early. The Jax will do the finalizing overdubs for their album, then it’s time to mix it. In other news, we’ve bought some new cymbals for the studio drumset and changed all the drumheads. It all sound nice and fresh now!